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Making a difference through enterprise creation and growth

The program at KEMI is oriented towards students who wish to combine study towards a degree as well as an opportunity to start or mold a business with guidance from experienced academicians, process specialists, practicing entrepreneurs and mentors.

This is a practice-oriented degree program that focuses on student’s attitudinal aspect as well as entrepreneurial effectiveness.

Key Program

MBA Entrepreneurship

The MBA in entrepreneurship s always a subject of debate. Whether it is necessary for would-be entrepreneurs to build up a suite of skills at business school or is it a waste of time and money that would be better spent launching and running a business without an MBA.

We believe that the degree would be a massive impetus for building a professional network, seeking angel or venture capital, as well as creating a successful start-up from just a thought or an idea. The best part about it is the exposures - 3 internships, constant workshops with recent and successful entrepreneurship and the additional useful element of intellectual, holistic depth. One can also afford or get a rare chance at experiencing failure in a safe environment. A failed venture outside of the business school confines can be devastating for some.

KEMI Inititation

Jain University, one of India’s leading private universities located in Bangalore, is known for nurturing entrepreneurship among its students and ushering in innovation in the study of entrepreneurial behavior and cognition. It has also incubated more than fifty innovative ventures using its own unique model in a short span of time and it has also impacted growth of several businesses, thereby promoting employment for the youth. It also offers educational and training programs of short and long duration, along with professional guidance and support for promoting entrepreneurship. For more details visit